Bible Reading Plans

Bible Reading Plans

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The Power Of His Promises - 7 days

God is good, and He wants the best for His children. He has given us a great number of promises in His Word, so that we can know His will on these topics. This reading plan will explore the absolute faithfulness of God, how to stand on His promises, and how to overcome the temptation to give up before we get that for which we are believing.

God's Promises For You - 21 Days

From His power to His peace or His presence to His courage this reading plan offers verses, devotionals and prayers that will bring you closer to God through the scripture. This 21-day reading plan features passages from the Once a Day Bible Promises, which highlights the promises that God makes in the Bible.

Promises of God - 27 Days

While others may make promises and break them, God never does, because He is the Ultimate Promisekeeper. What He promises, He fulfills. In this four week study on the promises of God, we will look at how God promises to be with, guide, help, and sustain you. Because God is holy, it is not hard for Him to keep His promises which are unfailing, unchanging, and true.

7 Things the Bible says about Anxiety - 7 Days

Every day has the potential to introduce complex new challenges into our lives. But it’s equally likely that each new day will gift us with exciting new opportunities. In this seven-day devotional, staff members at YouVersion help you apply truths from God’s Word to whatever you’re facing today. Each day’s devotional includes a Verse Image to help you share what God is speaking to you.